Our child protection concept

The humanist concept values the independent personality of each human being and “respects the diversity of different people” (cf. BAGE, 2015, p.18).

This forms the basis for our daily work with the children:

  • Each child is by nature good, constructive and strives for autonomy and self-fulfilment
  • All children have the same rights and the freedom to lead their own lives as they wish
  • Nurseries are often the first environment in which children mix with people from outside their own families. This is where they find out how life in society is organised and structured. Above all, the children should learn about the rights of children and adults and the rules that are required to allow people to live together in society.
  • As adults, we set an example for children when it comes to taking a clear position against exclusion and discrimination. This is how children develop their own ideas about how they can resist unfair actions or thoughts.
  • Each child develops his or her own educational process – we take the independent and individual personality of each child into account and recognise the children as protagonists in their own development. We aim to give children guidance in their own lives. They should grow into resilient characters able to take their own responsibility for actively shaping their futures. We place special emphasis on the development of the children’s social skills.
  • It is our aim for children to leave the kindergarten ready to start school as self-determined and self-assured human beings. This includes being able to resolve most conflict situations on their own and ask for help where required.
  • It is particularly important to us that all children are happy during their time at our kindergarten. To ensure this is the case, we maintain an appreciative, open-minded and trusting approach in the way we deal with others on a daily basis. We take all the children's wishes, thoughts and questions seriously. Our daycare facilities are places in which children experience respect, protection and a feeling of security.

In this way we implement child protection in kindergarten

The main prerequisites for implementing child protection in our kindergarten are:

  • An attitude of empathy and respect towards every human being
  • The observation of the children’s rights and needs
  • The willingness of staff to ensure this on a day-to-day basis.

We do not pursue any religious or political interests or goals. Our work is guided by a humanist approach and a neutral view of education and care. This includes mutual respect, appreciation, solidarity, tolerance and acceptance. We consider and respect the children's families regardless of culture, origin and language.