The children’s daily routines are structured by meal times. Eating should be a fun, social activity, not an obligation. If your child does not feel like eating, is not hungry or does not have much of an appetite, they will not have to eat. However, when your child sits around a table with other children, perhaps their appetite will come back after all.

Some children love to eat, whilst others generally need to be persuaded to eat. We will feed those children who are not yet ready to eat on their own. We use this time to devote individual attention to your child.

Even the littlest ones are allowed to help themselves to food and therefore determine how much food they have on their plates. They may take second helpings if they are really hungry.

Just in case they are not so hungry during mealtimes: we always keep a few sugar-free crackers, pretzel sticks, fresh fruit and vegetables for those who get hungry between meals. Still water and tea are also available all the time.

To protect children’s teeth, we do not provide any fruit juices or sweet tea in our daycare centres.

Please provide your child with breakfast and an afternoon snack to bring with them to daycare.

Lunch is freshly prepared and delivered every day. The catering company prepares food to suit children’s needs. The menus are displayed for parents in the daycare facilities.