Cooperation with parents

Parents are and always will be the most important people in their children’s lives. They understand their children best and know how they feel. Communicating and cooperating with parents is therefore crucial for nursery school teachers.

The settling in period, short daily chats when children are dropped off or picked up and specially arranged meetings between parents and nursery school teachers all help to achieve the ideal level of communication between parents and staff, which nursery school teachers always manage openly and without prejudice.

Regular meetings

Regular parents’ evenings enable parents and nursery school teachers to discuss the organisation and administration of the nursery school, as well as educational matters. Parent representatives are also elected so that they can meet with the nursery school management team to discuss current issues.

Every year, the kindergarten puts on several celebrations and festivities, which are often very culturally diverse. Parents are invited to help us plan and organise these events.

Talk about child development

Once a year or more often if required, the nursery school teachers organise a development meeting with the parents of each child. During these meetings, nursery school teachers take the time to describe the overall development of the child from an educational point of view. To do this, they use their documentation of the child’s learning processes in terms of nutrition and sleep, as well as cognitive, social and emotional development and the acquisition of motor skills.