Sustainable use of resources

One objective of our educational work is to give the children a better understanding of the sustainable use of resources in everyday situations. As well as sorting waste for recycling, we also aim to reuse and recycle our resources. Most of the materials we use for arts and crafts activities, for example, have already been used for something else.  One example is our annual Christmas tree, which the nursery teachers make together with the children out of scraps of wood, egg boxes and other materials.

Our garden

Our outside area is divided into various zones. As well as a football pitch, a sand pit and a circuit for scooters and bicycles, the outdoor area also features a barefoot path, a vegetable garden and various other borders for herbaceous plants. The overall design of the garden is very true to nature.

As well as the typical sand pit and garden toys, we also provide the children with natural materials (boards, planks) and discarded items (tyres, tubes) to play with as they wish. This particularly encourages the children’s creativity and social skills.   

Our forest day

An important part of our concept is a regular day out to the forest during the summer months. Around 20 children accompanied by 3 nursery school teachers are taken to the Grunewald, where they spend the day going for walks, playing educational games and making wood carvings and other creative experiments with the materials the forest has to offer. The aim here is to teach the children about nature, how to recognise various plants and how to care for the environment.