The child's main occupation

Play can be seen as the child's “main occupation” and is a special form of learning that determines how well a child gets along in the world. Playful experimentation also stimulates creativity.

Children bring the best conditions for creative thinking with them from birth. Children have a very open and adaptive brain. They can relate to just about anything and have the prerequisite to become extremely creative children.

Children learn according to their needs in order to find their way around the world. They explore playfully as long as possible after birth and learn how complex their world is and the spectrum of their possibilities.

Topic spaces

In our nursery daycare we try to lay the foundation for this development of the children and to create as much space as possible for free play opportunities in addition to other activities and projects.

Children always have the choice of different themed rooms, which include different forms of play such as playing with rules, role play, construction play as well as contact and movement play. These different forms of play contribute in identity formation, security, self-efficacy and the learning of closeness and distance. Depending on their needs, children can play, discover and learn in their desired area.