Your child is in good hands

An educational environment during your child’s early years plays a crucial role in your child’s development and can in fact make a decisive difference for your child’s entire life. Our Toddler Daycare and Kindergarten strive to support your parental role, and provide an all-encompassing education that facilitates the development of your child’s many abilities.

Your child will readily accept new knowledge when he or she, with the educator’s support, feels free to experiment. Our child care system is designed to foster and protect your child’s creativity and curiosity, thereby allowing him or her to acquire a distinct sense of responsibility and self-confidence.

Bilingual childcare

In our childcare program, there are no “English lessons” – on the contrary we encourage the early acquisition of a foreign language, i.e. the english language stand side by side with the German language and is practiced in everyday activities. Foreign-language abilities are not presupposed. Our aim is to facilitate the children’s comfort with the melodies of another language in a playful way. All educators are native speakers of either German or English.